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Kalden has clients from different walks of life and has designed this unique service for them after many requests from her clients.


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Kalden has clients from different walks of life and has designed this unique service for them after many requests from her clients.

 Kalden Doma Thought Behind Creating Divination (Mo)

  • It gives me great pleasure to finally introduce you to my special part of the store that is dedicated to people who believe in spiritualism and understand that we all are interconnected.
  • Kalden Doma does not believe- Buddhism is a Religion but a life Philosophy and Buddha as her Teacher


About Divination

Mo divination is an ancient predictive technique for answering questions and providing methods of healing, dating back through centuries of Tibetan Buddhist culture and is considered to be the voice of wisdom.

There are many systems of divination and the communication can occur through a variety of levels and each system has its own reading patterns such as crow’s flight, rock formations, the throw of dice, or on the surface of a mirror and so on.

The Mö Master locates specific obstacles, if there are any, and explains how to clear the obstacle.
Most people who have consulted have got the helps to balance their energy, raising those energy areas which are low and creating harmony. This balance and harmony apply to areas of inner life such as mental well-being, spiritual practice and spiritual health, along with areas in our outer life, such as physical health, relationships, business concerns or travel, to name a

This Divination system is very clear-cut. Answers are related to a specific topic, and the answer for the topics come usually in the form of advice on prayers and practices.

Questions & Answers

How do I choose what to ask?
We recommend that you take the time and carefully consider which questions you would like to ask.

How should I ask my question?
Divination questions should be worded in such a way as to permit a yes or no type of answer.
Such as-
Are the indications positive for me to marry Tim?
Is my child, (name of the child) health getting better?
Should I start my business now or later?
What to ask about?
The Mö covers all areas of the life
In our life journey when we focus and strongly believe, we achieve and accomplish. Divination methods respond most heartily to the power of positive belief. When we align our power of positive belief with a traditionally respected and proven method such as the Mö, we create the most favorable circumstances for a positive outcome.

The topics are:

Physical Health

Mö divinations are particularly suitable for physical health issues
Emotional Healing
Low emotional zest for life

Healing present relationships
Divination of the future of relationships
Mö is especially helpful in predicting marriages, engagements, etc.
Healing for Parent/Child relationships

Business Divination
Location of a new business
Does a current location work against success in business?
Will a new Business venture be successful?
What kind of Business/Career best suits me?
Is this a positive partnership for my business?

Real Estate
Is sale or purchase right at this time?
Is this the right property for my home or business?
Is this the right property for investment?

Uncategorized miscellaneous can be asked

What we need from you?
Provide your name, country/city, date of birth, time of birth, and a brief background of the situation. You can generally ask from 1 to 3 related questions in a session.
What happens after I ask my question?

You will then advise whether the indicators seem to be positive or negative. And if it is not so positive, he may recommend specific pujas or rituals to be done on your behalf by his monks or for you to do certain specific mantras or practices.

Who will conduct my divination?
Lama or Rinpoche will conduct the divination. Such people are usually practitioners who have the ability to communicate with the wisdom aspect of the deity’s mind.

How to Prepare for a Divination
The format of the questions should permit a POSITIVE or a NEGATIVE response. You should not ask a question such as “Whom should I marry?”
This divination does not work in this way. The question should be worded in such a way as to permit a yes or no type of answer.
For instance:Are the indications positive for me to marry my boyfriend or girlfriend?

Would it be positive or negative for me to do a retreat in December in Hawaii?
Is my child Betty’s health getting better?
You will then advise what the indicators seem to be – positive or negative. And if it is not so positive, sometimes he will recommend specific pujas to be done on your behalf for you to do certain specific mantras or practices.
Kalden does not guarantee the divination (MO)
You need to listen to the advice given in the divination and then reflect on what has been said.
The action or misunderstanding Mo is at your own risk. We take no responsibility for it.
Kalden -*One needs to work on oneself to get better results in one’s life.*

Send us our questions through email. mo@localhost


Term & Conditions

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Questions and Answers

Does this MO come true 100%?
Attention- you are doing it on your own risk.
This about belief and there are no guarantee -100% that the MO will come true.
We don’t have any intention of lying, tricking, giving hope to you in this product section.
You will ask for MO on your own risk.
You are doing this on your own decision made by you.
You are clear that there are no guarantee when you ask for MO.Be very clear about this.

PAYMENT POLICY – drop down
Once payment is made – we have no return policy for this section of our product.
Once you made the payment we forward you questions to the lama or Rinpoche (the master in these skills)

How long does it take to get the answer?
It may take 5 to 14 working days to get your answer as there is a queue.

Do I get solution?
Yes, you may be recommended solutions like prays, donation to certain places and other instruction. It is up to you when you want to do.


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