Akanishtha International Academy
Self Compassion Teachers Training Certificate Program

Akanishitha International Academy Self Compassion Teachers Training Certificate Program

Welcome to Becoming a Certified Compassion Teacher Training Program Build, Share and Grow Self Compassion within yourself and in your community Start transforming lives!

Akanishtha International Academy (AIA) program goals is to grow and spread awareness about mental and physical health that we have never been taught before. It is intersection between the ancient and modern way of looking and transforming the way we live. You will take a deep dive into the unknown and known which will give you a clear vision of how life can become for you and others.

SELF COMPASSION TRAINING TEACHERS PROGRAM (SCTT) is developed by Kalden Doma. SCTT is a fusion between experience and knowledge of 20 years that Kalden is sharing it with you in different forms of her programs SCTT is one of them.

The AIA program is a teaching certification program for individuals who are passionate about Mind training education and aspire to teach SCTT classes in their country and community.


During the SCTT program you will:

Gain an understanding of the philosophy and science of mind, body and speech are interconnected and what impact one can get from another.

 Rediscover and Reconnect with your inherent nature of self and from there you will be able to experiment, experience and reflect the vastness and effortless expansion into your clear and balanced mind.

Discover, Lead and explore the elements of nature and their interconnection with the human life to heal through shifting your inner energies by becoming more aware and relearn to empower them in a deeper levels which will open up your compassionate nature

Connect with a community of like-minded peers and establish professional connections and friendships Learn to teach SCT program – It is a 12 week’s program to different demographic and audiences.


What takes to become an Akanishtha International AcademySelf-Compassion TrainedTeacher?

STEP : 01

Teaching Training Program
12 week on line program

Step 1

During 12 Weeks online Program

Now that you have fulfilled all of the Prerequisites, you can begin your journey at Step 1 of Becoming a Trained Teacher by registering and applying for the Teacher Training Course of your choice.
Your application will be reviewed by the Teacher Trainers and upon approval you will be accepted into the program.
The Teacher Training Course is built around the 12 weekly sessions of the 8 Weeks practicum and is facilitated by a team of senior SC Trainers, who will provide participants with the essential materials for teaching 12-Week SC Course.

STEP : 02

Teachers training Practicum
8 WeeksTeacher Training Practicum

Step 2

Self-Compassion Teacher Training Practicum (SCTTP)

The TTP is step 2 of becoming a Trained Teacher. It is an opportunity for a group of teachers-in-training to practice their new-found teaching skills in a safe, structured, online environment facilitated by two Certified SC Teachers Trainers.
Each week focuses on a single SC session and all trainees come prepared to teach each session in its entirety just as you would prepare a whole class if you were teaching your own group.
Please note that this represents a considerable time investment! Trainees are then assigned to lead the various practices, topics and exercises of that session, with periods of feedback and discussion – so no one trainee will be teaching the entire class, usually at most just one piece each session but preparing the whole class is invaluable learning and preparation for becoming an SC Teacher and is an integral part of the Practicum training.
The TTP provides new teachers with a space to find their own way and to continue to practice what they learned during the Live Online Teacher Training course, with time between each session to review, prepare and reflect on the process of teaching SC.


The required prerequisites for taking the SC Teacher Training Program are:
To apply for the program you’ll need to complete our course in Self-Care and Mindfulness program which are held by AIA.
Completing the Self-Care and Mindfulness course is helpful to learn to teach Akanishtha International Academy Teachers Training program.It gives you a foundation to recreate your space and gives you a deep personal closer to clear anything that has been blocking you from mental, emotional and physical before you can teach others.

Minimum 3-month gap required between completing self-care and mindfulness and starting Self Compassion Teacher Training.

Attendance in a least one 5-day silent, teacher-led, mindfulness-based meditation retreat



Meet your teacher and receive an orientation to the program.
We use the Zoom
For mediation class-You need a meditation pillow or stool – check our store if you want one.


Throughout the program you will share your experience with you group to support and connect during your learning experience.


Practice the craft of teaching TTP in a supportive group learning environment. You’ll learn about each week of TTP from teacher, and experience what it’s like to teach, and give and receive feedback with your classmates.


Recognizing and reflecting constructive group level conversations
Understanding, and insightImplementing specific facilitation strategies to support in class engagement,
Attendance, and practice outside of class; and responding to difficult questions.
This class can be taken while you’re teaching Practicum.


Live Online Teacher Training
Live Online Teacher Training provides a more intimate, personalized experience with more contact between trainees and trainers and more time to practice and process learning between sessions.

AIA is a 12 WEEK SCT Course, Including:

Who can apply for Teachers Training?

Live Online Teacher Training


As a part of examination for this Self Compassion Teacher Training Program

  • Practical exam
  • Q and A
  • Presentation of your teaching method
  • You will record 3 video sessions showing you teach the subject. The session will be assessed, after which you will receive personal substantive feedback.

When can you start your Teacher Training?

You can start teachers training when the application are open on our website. Once you have filled your form we will get in touch with you.


Program Cost and Application

  • Tuition for academic classes: $2500 (includes $300 non-refundable fee)

  • Practicum – required for certification: $1200

  • Exam cost: $ 100

Don’t worry about the examination, your personal development and demonstration that you master the techniques are paramount during your studies. The Dates will be emailed to you


Before you apply, please ensure you have met ALL of the required prerequisites. No exceptions will be granted.
If after you review the prerequisites you are not sure about your qualifications, please email 

Complete the application and pay the non-refundable $25 fee. 
AIA will review your application and let you know whether you have been accepted, within 2 weeks of submitting your form.

Upon acceptance, you will be provided with a link to register. Once you register and pay, you will be considered enrolled in the teacher training. Payment plans are available.
Please Note: Acceptance of an application does not automatically enroll you into a course. You must register and pay to be considered enrolled.

Each step has been thought through to give you tools and skills to become an Authentic Teacher.


 Schedule your call and let your life transformation begin

Application notice

Application for year 2022 is closed. Application for 2023 will open in march and if you have an enquiry about our teachers training program , please contact us