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Lead Yourself and Others to live an Authentic Life


We know that it is only through deep wisdom, compassion, love, and profound awareness, that we can move our world forward by leading our lives and our world into the next level of consciousness.

Kalden Doma’s Teacher Training Programs are the middle path between mind science and spirit which creates leaders who can lead others to a new level of human consciousness by reconnecting into a deeper sense of purpose, meaning, and contribution toward all beings.

 If you want to immerse yourself in to getting better at motivational work or something else that strengthens you in your professional role where you meet people in different ways, we have something for you.

Recognizing the diverse needs of her clients, Kalden Doma has created Akanishtha International Academy(AIA) .

AIA sits at the intersection of wisdom and contemporary wellbeing. For more than 20 years, Kalden Doma has conducted training for professionals who work with people’s well-being in focus.

She has offered everything from coaching to seminars programs in health care, stress management and several different programs. In addition to her longer training programs, she also offer shorter training courses for those who work in IT, Creative, Care, Nursing, School, Treatment or any other Human Care Profession which are easy to download and start where you are ready.

AIA gives you the tools to take the next step in your personal and professional development.

The AIA program is a teaching certification program is for individuals who are passionate about spreading self-awareness, compassion and create a new wave of individuals who can transform themselves, society, communities, country and finally manage and create a sustainable planet.

With the hope to help as many as she can, Kalden Doma is introducing her unique and diverse Teachers Training Program.

Welcome to World’s Leading Educator Programs.

We offer Qualitative Teachers Training

With us, you get a valuable education that you can use regardless of which industry you come from. 
Over the years, Kalden has trained participants from both business, companies, healthcare, and school.
Become a Certified Teachers with us. Welcome to Worlds leading Educators Program



Kalden Doma has designed, developed, and delivered programs for individuals, coaches companies, schools, and organizations to empower, transform and improve the wellbeing of the community and country.


Through creative projects, we are empowering young minds to transform how they can build self-confidence and become future leaders.


Introducing healthcare professionals with tools for self-care and self-compassion towards oneself and collective care.


People who recognize that a conscious business approach is needed to create a difference and are willing to take on the challenges by working in high-level organizations or by themselves


Empowering and improving the workforce through mind training gives them positive growth and resilience in their sectorial system.


Rediscovering alternative ways to balance and heal one and others through mind and beyond program.


Are you just starting or have been active but felt you need more to level up your skills to deliver a lasting change for your clients through our lead the way and speak &inspire program.

Health and Wellness

Each education has its own structure and the focus during the educations is on communicating and conveying mental, physical health, and wellness to different target groups with different needs.

We want to give you the conditions to be able to quickly put your knowledge into practice. Therefore, our educations are largely experience-based. We believe that commitment and an active exchange of personal experiences benefit the learning process.

Through exercises and concrete examples from working life, we train the ability to handle situations and problems, you will notice that it not only makes your studies more fun but also more effective.

Virtual Training Program

The entire course is conducted remotely via Zoom. You need a computer or tablet with a stable internet connection and camera to participate. The material is mailed to you and links to connect are sent to you a few days before the training starts.

Hälsa och Friskvård– We come under this category

If you are an employee or own a company you can avail of it. This is applicable to all our products.

Do check before you apply.


Passionate About Spreading Wisdom and Awareness to Others

Join AIA Teacher Training Program

 All our efforts at the Akanishtha International Academy are grounded in the desire to help people develop these skills which they can further pass on to others. Here are the 4 foundation of which Kalden Doma Has built the AKANISHTHA INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY.


Kalden Doma’s training courses will experience deep insights which will guide you to become a better and higher version of yourself. You are going to experience genuine methods that have got results.


You will experiment these simple, easy and profound ways of relearning about your body, mind and speech. These are created to fit and solve today’s basic and everyday human problem which will undo the blockages you have been having for a long time. Ready to experiment?


When you have gone through the process of experimenting and experiencing now you have reached the part here you will reflect about what, why and how you have been missing all these information all your life. Which was accessible but not reachable for. You have relearnt how you were and what you have become. Yes! The best of yourself. Wow! Now it is time to share your best with others around you. Why wait?


You have completed the three foundations. Now it is time to Act on what you have learned. Remember when you create an action now the result will be different from before as the three foundations have been laid and are solid within you. Start to prepare for your action to build the life you always wanted.

Our Core Values Awaken Hearts

We believe that an awakened heart opens our natural compassion, banishes suffering, and enriches our lives.

Kalden Doma teaches, that when people are truly grounded in the present moment, they are free from negative emotions, such as loneliness, fear—and evenself-judgment.

They are able to understand that problems are only temporary obstacles—and they are able to focus on solving those problems rather than assigning blame for them. Most importantly, they understand the fundamental goodness that lies at their own core and the core of every being. They acquire the skills of awareness—and their hearts awaken.

Compassionate and Sustainable world

Kalden has one mission and a strong drive to help to share her knowledge and teaching.

She hopes through her teaching you will have the ability to transform, influence, and recreate a positive change within yourself, your community, and the world lives that can recreate

Become a Teacher Influence and Transform

As the foremost educators in the mind and health field. We create the most different and unique teachers in the world. Kalden Doma, we take the responsibility of being your educator very seriously and we expect our students to take their responsibility in joining any of our programs.

Read & Reflect

Make sure you are serious about taking any of our specialist’s teacher’s programs and ready to invest your time as there is a heavy demand for our program.

Who can Apply for Teachers Training?

The Teachers training program is for students who have done all these steps:

After clearing all the above Steps:

You need to have the code- to join this program

You will be given a code after your payment has been made and cleared by our administration office

You will get an email confirming your seat and will be provided by a code

Why all the steps


Join our community with people who want to do this work for themselves and people who want to learn how to facilitate powerful change in the lives of others. 


Does this sound like you?

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Application notice

Application for year 2022 is closed. Application for 2023 will open in march and if you have an enquiry about our teachers training program , please contact us