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We cannot change the other person,but we can change our reaction towards them or the situation.



Is an established Life and Business Strategies. KaldenDoma is regarded as one of the world’s foremost thought leaders in Mind Training.

Known for her signature and unique style of approaching personal and business growth by applying strategies that make you approach life beyond your senses and find the balance in every area of your life. Be it self-improvement, professional development, or education. You name it and she will give you a self-designed and tailored solution just for you.

With her roots in a Tibetan family and being a globe-trotter all her life, she has developed an all-encompassing social and cultural perspective. She learnt to undo all the ways she had been conditioned while growing up and make a fresh start to embrace her own uniqueness as well as that of others.

Kalden is a recipient of several awards and featured in various publications. She is proficient in several languages such as English, Tibetan, Hindi and Swedish.

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