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Tibetan astrology is a blend of both Chinese and Indian astrological traditions but is uniquely Buddhist as it is based on the Kalachakra Tantra. As such there are many methods that are taught to overcome any negative influences that we may go through in daily life. These methods allow us to purify any negative astrological influences and karma, leading to a happier, smoother life as well as creating the causes for a fortunate rebirth in the future.
According to the Buddhist teachings, we all have a unique blend of karma that determines where we are born, the circumstances of our birth and the quality of our life. Naturally, this is due to the actions that we performed in previous lives. Karma also dictates our characteristics and traits that determine how we act throughout our lives, which in turn leads to certain outcomes in this life and a determination of where we will take rebirth in the future.

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Karma, however, is not set in stone. We can change our circumstances through our own efforts – purification of karma and accumulation of merit. Tibetan astrology, based on these Buddhist principles, provides us the methods to ensure success in this life and a good rebirth in the future. Tibetan astrology can also predict what will happen to us in this life and our next rebirth based on the time of our birth.
Discover your traits according to the Mewa, or Magical Square system of Tibetan astrology below, and find out how to purify your negative karma to improve your life!


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